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Treasure Coast Mushroom: Learn About Cultivation, Effects & Potency

treasure coast mushrooms
Table of Contents

Introducing the Captivating Treasure Coast Cubensis

The Treasure Coast strain of magic mushrooms is characterized by its rapid growth, profound introspective effects, and a fascinating tendency towards leucistic development.

Treasure Coast shrooms specifically refer to a unique variety of Psilocybe cubensis, originating from the East Coast of Florida, which is commonly known as the Treasure Coast, due to the many actual sunken ships off the coast. Unfortunately, no information is available regarding the mycologist or hobbyist responsible for its discovery and isolation.

The Treasure Coast strain manifests in two distinct forms – the original TC variety and an alluring albino (leucistic) variation known as Albino Treasure Chest. Its unique characteristics include not only its rapid growth and tendency towards leucism but also its distinct physical appearance and chemical makeup that set it apart from other strains.

While the potency of this strain is often described as exceptionally potent, thorough quantitative testing suggests that its effects are more in line with average strains such as Golden Teacher or Koh Samui.

Treasure Coast Quick Specifications

Potency: Average to Strong – The potency of the TC strain is reported to be strong, but quantitative testing suggests it’s more on par with average strains like Golden Teacher or Koh Samui.

Cultivation Difficulty: Intermediate – The TC strain is a challenge to grow for beginner cultivators due to a tendency to abort before the first flush, but it can yield a significant harvest if successful as it is known for its aggressive fruiting bodies.

Mushroom Species: Psilocybe Cubensis

Preferred Substrate: Rye Grain or Brown Rice Flour

Available Online: Ralphsters Spores, Sporeworks, Spores 101, Premium Spores

TC Magic Mushrooms: Potency & Psilocybin Content

Experience a moderate potency with the Treasure Coast strain – neither weak nor overwhelmingly intense. The preferred dosage range for this mushroom typically falls between 2 to 3 grams.

Numerous online accounts relating to the Treasure Coast strain often claim it to be nearly twice as potent as common varieties like Golden Teachers. However, our findings suggest that these claims are not entirely accurate.

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Furthermore, although the available quantitative data is limited, it consistently reinforces the notion that these mushrooms exhibit an average potency.

As an illustration, when two distinct samples were analyzed in the Psilocybin Cup, they exhibited an average psilocybin content of 0.59% and a psilocin content of 0.08%, resulting in an average total tryptamine concentration of 0.67%. These figures align them perfectly within the range of what we consider to be average (0.5% to 0.9%).

Furthermore, the most potent sample analyzed displayed a total tryptamine concentration of 0.69% by dried weight.

It is worth noting that exceptionally potent cubensis varieties can reach levels as high as 3.8%, with Tidal Wave currently holding the record.

treasure coast mushroom

TC Shrooms: Variations & Genetic Relatives

As previously mentioned, within the magic mushroom community, there exists only one notable variation of the Treasure Coast strain: the Albino Treasure Coast strain.

The physical appearance of the albino variation closely resembles its parent strain, with the exception that both the stems and caps display a pure white hue instead of the expected caramel color. Rest assured, the potency of this strain remains equally impressive.

Furthermore, another strain believed to be a natural relative of the Treasure Coast strain originates from Florida, the F+ strain. Although its exact place of origin and the mycologist responsible for its isolation remain unknown, this strain has garnered limited popularity. Perhaps the misconception arising from its name, which may suggest lower potency, has contributed to its lesser-known status.

Where to Buy Treasure Coast Spores Online

If you reside in the United States, there is an array of choices available to acquire the sought-after Treasure Coast strain. Trustworthy sources such as Ralphster’s Spores, Sporeworks, and Premium Spores offer these genetics for your convenience.

For those located in Canada, securing this strain can be a bit more limited, with only select establishments carrying it.

Meanwhile, individuals residing in Europe can rely on reputable vendors like Viking Spore and Kosmic Kitchen to fulfill their Treasure Coast strain needs.

How to Cultivate Treasure Coast Cubensis

In most instances, the Treasure Coast strain yields compact yet potent fruiting bodies, typically measuring between two to five inches in height, with caps spanning up to one inch. However, there are occasional instances where these mushrooms can grow as tall as ten inches. The Treasure Coast is also known as a very prolific fruiter, capable of occasionally producing albino or near albino mushrooms.

This particular strain exhibits rapid colonization, granting it a relatively high resistance to mold and disease. It boasts remarkable productivity during fruiting, provided it surpasses the initial flush. Nonetheless, it does have a tendency to abort before reaching this stage, which poses a challenge for novice cultivators.

Once you successfully navigate through the typically lackluster first flush, the subsequent second and third flushes will generously reward you with significantly larger yields. Patience truly pays off with this strain.

How to Grow Magic Mushrooms

Are you interested in learning how to grow magic mushrooms?

Cultivation conditions for Treasure Coast Shrooms:

To successfully cultivate Treasure Coast cubensis, it is crucial to provide the right conditions. Here are some key factors to consider:

Optimal temperature range

Maintaining the ideal temperature is essential for the growth of Treasure Coast mushrooms. The recommended range is between 70°F and 80°F (21°C – 27°C). This temperature range ensures optimal colonization and fruiting.

Humidity levels

Proper humidity levels play a significant role in mushroom cultivation. During the colonization stage, it is important to maintain humidity. However, during fruiting, humidity should be reduced gradually to encourage proper development.

Lighting preferences

TC mushrooms prefer indirect light rather than direct exposure to sunlight. Providing a suitable lighting environment will contribute to their healthy growth and development.

By following these cultivation guidelines, you can create an ideal environment for your TC shroom cultivation project. Remember to monitor and adjust temperature, humidity, and lighting as needed throughout the different stages of growth.

Treasure chest cubensis

How to Ingest Treasure Coast Mushrooms

Treasure Coast shrooms, like their counterparts, are infamous for their unpleasant and bitter taste. However, fear not, as there are numerous techniques available to help you minimize the flavor’s impact and cater to your personal preferences and time constraints when consuming these magical fungi.

Similar Mushroom Strains

Whether you’re a fan of the Treasure Coast strain or simply seeking a similar experience, the following strains are excellent choices for you.

A+ Strain

The A+ magic mushroom strain was meticulously developed by the esteemed mycologist Mr. G, who holds a prominent position within the magic mushroom community. This remarkable strain offers a potency level akin to that of the Treasure Coast strain, while distinguishing itself through its remarkable ease of cultivation. As such, it caters to the needs of both novice and seasoned mushroom cultivators with utmost convenience and proficiency.

Known for its hassle-free fruiting, making it an ideal choice for home cultivation and microdosing purposes. With its smooth, euphoric effects and a milder taste profile, this particular strain stands out as a wonderful option for everyday mushroom consumption.

Albino Treasure Coast

If you’re seeking a strain of mushrooms with comparable potency and cultivation complexity while desiring a touch of uniqueness, the Albino Treasure Coast strain is an excellent choice. These remarkable leucistic mushrooms not only capture captivating visuals but also deliver substantial levels of psilocybin, aligning with the expectations set by the parent strain.


Derived from their place of origin in the Southern United States, Dixieland shrooms are aptly named after the region where this strain was initially discovered, believed to be Mississippi.

While bearing a striking resemblance to Treasure Coast shrooms, featuring elongated, slender stems and rounded caps, Dixieland shrooms offer a comparable level of potency while being notably more beginner-friendly, making them an ideal choice for cultivators new to the craft.

Golden Teacher

The renowned Golden Teacher which has established itself as a cornerstone strain of Psilocybe cubensis is very similar to the TC strain. This particular variety holds immense popularity among novice cultivators, making it a preferred choice.

With a history dating back to the 1980s, Golden Teacher has endured the test of time. Its remarkable ability to resist contamination, rapid colonization, and above-average potency has contributed to its widespread acclaim within the mushroom community.


Originating from Houston, Texas, the Menace strain is believed to share a close relationship with the renowned TC strain. It takes its name from its discoverer, Shroomery user P.Menace.

Menace boasts high potency, yet it distinguishes itself by being relatively easier to cultivate due to its reduced sensitivity to light during the fruiting process.

treasure coast magic mushrooms

Final Thoughts: Treasure Coast Shrooms

The Treasure Coast strain remains shrouded in mystery within the magic mushroom community, as its origins and the individuals responsible for its collection and isolation remain unknown. This strain was procured from the eastern coast of Florida, specifically the region known as the Treasure Coast.

Notably recognized for its remarkable potency, the Treasure Coast strain stands among the top contenders in terms of psilocybin production, second only to a select few, including the renowned Penis Envy strain. However, cultivating this strain presents a challenge due to its susceptibility to pin aborts—mushrooms that initiate growth but fail to fully develop.

Should you successfully navigate through the initial flush, a bountiful harvest awaits, promising substantial yields to reward your efforts.


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What Color Are Magic Mushroom Spores?

The majority of active mushroom spores, around 80% to 90%, of Psilocybe cubensis spores exhibit dark purple spores.

However, there exist certain strains that showcase an intriguing deviation with their red or gold tones. These variations become evident when observed under a microscope or when examining spore prints.

Additionally, albino variations of Psilocybe cubensis can produce magic mushroom spores that lack any pigment entirely or possess a white or gray coloring. These fascinating characteristics can be discerned through microscopic examination and sometimes through spore prints created on a dark surface.

How Many Spores Does a Single classic cubensis variety Produce?

A single Psilocybe cubensis mushroom has the remarkable ability to yield well over 1000 individual spores.

Determining the precise quantity of active mushroom spores produced by a single mushroom is a challenging endeavor, as it can significantly vary based on factors such as the mushroom’s size, strain, growth environment, and maturity level.

Attempting to count the exact number of spores produced by an individual mushroom is not a practical undertaking. Psilocybe cubensis spores are minuscule and typically disperse into the air during an active mushroom species during the sporulation process.

How long does it take to grow TC mushrooms?

The growth timeline varies depending on several factors such as temperature, humidity, and substrate quality. However, under optimal conditions, you can expect to harvest your first batch within 3-4 weeks.

Are there any specific lighting requirements for growing TC mushrooms?

While natural light can be beneficial during certain stages of growth, indirect light or low-intensity artificial light is generally sufficient for cultivating these mushrooms.

Can I use a spore print from one strain to cultivate another strain of Treasure Coast mushroom?

It is recommended to use a spore print from the same strain if you want consistent results in terms of characteristics and potency.

Do I need any special equipment to create a Treasure Coast spore syringe?

Creating a psilocybe cubensis spore solution requires a few basic supplies such as a sterile syringe, distilled water, and a clean environment. These items can be easily obtained from specialized mushroom cultivation suppliers.

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